Our company
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Big Data means big challenges

WibiData was founded in 2010 to pursue the belief that more effective access to data leads to better decision making. Our journey has taken us to many different places: mobile checkin data from smartphones, Wikipedia, product catalogs, and more. With each turn, we’ve learned new things about how to organize and analyze information. We continually take this knowledge and use it to inform a better product with customer-driven features.

Culture is everything

In addition to our technical projects, we believe that building a strong company culture is critical to delivering overall success.

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Where we work

Our office, located on the edge of the Mission in San Francisco at 375 Alabama St., is at the heart of WibiData’s culture. Every day we show up energized to work in this environment. Copious natural light, fresh food, and plenty of distractions (movie nights! impromptu harp concerts!) to help blow off stress all contribute to a great place to work.

San Francisco, CA

Getting to work:

We’re located a short walk from the 16th & Mission BART station, and the MUNI 22 and 33 bus lines stop one block away. We also have a bike rack right in the office you can use. WibiData will buy you a bike when you join, and lots of us choose to bike to and from work every day.

The neighborhood:

The Mission is always colorful and is one of the cultural centers of San Francisco. Many great restaurants, bars and other entertainment spots are nearby. The Mission Cliffs climbing gym and Yoga Mayu are around the block, giving us easy ways to stay fit.

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