Subject: Re: LOst PIN number

Sorry to hear you forgot your PIN to the jobs website again. This is
the fourth time this month, right? Wow. All that work on absurd
branding and new business cards must be mentally taxing. You’ve got my
sympathies for real.

Unfortunately, I’m a little booked right now what with the new
recruiting website AI acting buggy and trying to kill the new
applicants (probably a maven bug). Since our legal budget was blown
when your ‘absolutely vital’ giant Wibi hovercube crashed into city hall, kinda trying to nip this one in the bud.

The automated pin recovery system should be almost working; the fatality rate is down to 92%. If your day is booked putting our logo on a new t-shirt or something, ask the new hire for help.

– Wibi Ops

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Wibi Challenge: Portal 2


We need your help to use the automated PIN recovery system for this web site. Unfortunately for you, it’s at the mercy of a particularly sinister AI, who shares our love for testing.

This puzzle comes in the form of a series of additional levels for Portal 2. You’ll need to install Steam and purchase a copy of Portal 2 to play.

Do you have friends that might be a good fit for WibiData? If so, there is also a co-op level. If you test with a friend, and we hire your friend, we’ll give you $1000 after their 3rd month at WibiData – so spread the word!

Are you ready for this challenge?
Download the Mod